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I have made some lovely key fobs using some extremely rare and special calf leather sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in the UK. The tannery has worked on the site since the Roman times.


The leather has been cured for over a year from a secret recipe derived from a cargo discovered in a Shipwreck about 50 years ago. The ’Russian Grain Leather’ haul has since long gone, however, the specialist tannery was invited to study and reproduce the tanning oils and surface finish of the leather.

The tanning process alone takes five months and involves no added chemicals or mechanical action in the process. The tanning is developed in pits using a tan liquor of birch, willow and oak bark, the whole process is finished by dying and dressing the hides by hand using birch oil, giving the leather a distinctive smell making the leather hard wearing and resistant to insects and weather.


Connoisseurs of the best leathers will enjoy its uniques properties and distinctive aroma.


Sue’s key fob is finished with a 25mm diameter ring engraved ‘Handmade Leatherwork by Sue Lowday' for the keys to fit.

'Shipwreck' Key Fob

SKU: 0004
Color: Brown
  • Price includes first class postage Royal Mail.

    For postage outside of the UK please contact me for a quote.

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