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Medieval Style Belt, Commission

I am always interested and delighted to be asked to make something that challenges, and is interesting for me to make.

I was asked to make a sixty inch long belt to fit an unusual brass buckle. It is a replica of a medieval style buckle that is currently being made for reenactment events.

The commissioner wanted the belt to be embossed with a decoration reflecting the design of the buckle which was in two pieces. The buckle end and a decorative tab end.

We discussed ways in which the belt could be embossed. It could be embossed with a plate that I would make and use the fly press to imprint the leather, which would have been a cheaper option, but less detailed.

The more detailed option is to use individual punches to stamp out the pattern. This produces a very crisp result, however, it is very time consuming.

I showed a couple of samples of both options for him to choose from, and the customer decided to have the more detailed finish.

We met several times to discuss the options and as the belt was being made, the progress of the belt.

I asked Steve to give me an outline of the layout of the design, one that he would be happy with. Following from that, he chose to add small brass pendants to be added along the belt.

All these elements were fixed in place with brass rivets.

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