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My first job after graduating was working for the Sheffield Assay Office. Alongside my regular job I was lucky to be invited to make items for the Assay Office Collection.

9ct box 300dpi sharpened.jpg

The first piece commissioned was a 9ct hinged gold box with coloured acrylic inlays.

18ct cutlery table setti172.jpg
condiment set 300dpi clean copy.jpg

I was invited to submit a design for a condiment set in sterling silver for the Guardians monthly meetings.

The Assay Master encouraged me to make more sets and they were shown at the first contemporary show at the Goldsmiths Hall "Loot" and "Super Loot". They were also exhibited at the Design Council

When the Assay Master heard of the Perovetz Cutlery competition to be held at the Goldsmiths Hall at the Loot exhibitions, he asked me to draw a design and make a set in 18ct gold. The set was one of 25 finalists in the competition.

The platinum necklace was commissioned to show the platinum hallmarks and how they are applied. The piece is inlaid with coloured resins.

platinum necklace sharpened.jpg
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