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Handmade from English 4mm approx. thick eco oak bark tanned hide. This is an urban brown coloured leather belt that has strength and durability. I recommend that you take a look at this link to see the tannery at work.


Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belts, The Rolls Royce of Leather

My Oak Bark Leather is supplied from a tannery situated in Devon since the Roman times. It is the only tannery in the UK still producing Oak Bark Tanned Leather.

The bark is coppiced from trees about ten years old growing in Wales and Cumbria. The slow tanning process taking twelve months uses river water and the fibrous oak chippings.

The result is a belt that although it is thick, it is flexible, strong and has a wonderful smell. A belt unsurpassed in strength and beauty that will mould itself to your shape and will last for a minimum of twenty years daily use. This wonderful quality leather belt giving many sustainable years of wear, and will potentially become an heirloom. The leather, softening with age gains its own unique patina.

Each edge of the belt is hand finished using traditional methods of hand bevelling and sanding to a smooth finish, before finally polishing by hand to produce a shined finish. The surface is hand polished to a subtle gleam.

There are two ways of tanning leather, the Victorian invention of using toxic Chromium Salts enabling mass production of leather and the skilled eco ancient traditional method of Vegetable Tanning. The few tanneries that are still producing Vegetable Tanned leather all have their own style of finish of the leather, and often their own recognisable subtle difference of smell. The Vegetable Tanners all have one thing in common, Quality!

The colour is a luxurious dark tan, and the buckle is strong solid brass with a semi-polished finish that will gain its own natural patina. The leather has a slightly uneven dye finish that is completely natural in the hide.


38mm Width Solid Brass Buckle. Also available with a nickel buckle.

(See the photo for choices).


All belt orders are individually made by hand for each customer. For this reason sizes should be checked and double checked referring to the photo above. Please get in touch if you would like assistance. Belts ordered to fit 34" and below cannot be exchanged as I have difficulty reselling these sizes.


For sizes to fit over 127cms / 50" please contact Sue to check her current stock of hides.


Heritage English Oak Bark Tanned Belt - 38mm, Solid Brass Buckle

SKU: Heritage-Tan-38
  • Individually handmade English Oak Bark Tanned hide belts giving many years of wear. Supplied from one of the oldest tanneries in the UK.

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